LOCBOB - Let Our Creation Become Our Being

In either 2007 or 2008, I created a Facebook account. Although I recall it being in 2007, I have been unable to locate my first posts. After conducting a search, the earliest post I could find was from 2011, but I did come across a tag from June 2008. It's possible that I closed my original account and opened a new one. Prior to using Facebook, I had a Hyves profile, which was a Dutch version of the social media platform. However, it was Facebook that served as the inspiration for what eventually led to the creation of LOCBOB.

After creating a Facebook page, I quickly realized that not much interesting was or valuable activity were taking place. People mainly shared pictures and updates about their daily lives. Although it was enjoyable to have a glimpse into each other's lives and connect online, there was not much else going on. It was through reflecting on this online world and gaining inspiration from other online activities that I came up with the concept for CollectPixels.

In April 2008, I wrote my first email to a friend about the idea, and soon after, I shared it with my half-brother and brother-in-law. From that moment on, CollectPixels, and later LOCBOB, became my biggest dream to achieve.

The screenshot on you see shows a document from the 2008 emails. Interestingly, the concept of CollectPixels bears a striking resemblance to current NFTs, although Collect-Pixels places a strong emphasis on social and global creation.

Given my job working in a bar and limited network, I had little opportunity to develop such an enormous project. Nevertheless, the idea has always been on my mind, and over the years, I continued to refine and shape it.

In 2015, following the completion of my philosophical and artistic document, "The Moment of Life," and a conversation with my friend Emiel, I chose to write a new document about the concept that I had renamed as LOCBOB, which stood for "Let Our Creation Become Our Being".

In this document, I delve deeper into the philosophy and functionality of LOCBOB while also presenting some financial ideas.

After much contemplation, it was decided that LOCBOB would be established as a business, with the aim of creating a more beautiful, colorful, and peaceful world. The ultimate dream is for it to become one of the largest businesses in the world, not for the sake of competition, but to achieve this goal. Essentially, we aim to sell a more beautiful, colorful, and peaceful world. It has immense potential for growth, but it must be executed in the best possible way and, above all, it must remain clean and pure.

Written on the 10th of March 2023.

First intermetso

I have given several presentations and spoken to people about the concept. Often, the advice I received was to make an elevator pitch, write the concept on one A4 paper, create a Pecha Kucha presentation, write down my MVPs (Minimum Viable Products), and start small, among other things. I have followed all of these suggestions, but over time, I have grown frustrated with this advice. Okay, starting small is somewhat logical, although there are valid reasons to start big, invest a significant amount of money, and build a proper platform. However, particularly when it comes to communicating about this concept, I find it odd to have to condense everything into short pitches and presentations, trying to win over "someone." Often, I receive feedback, suggestions, and questions about aspects that I couldn't cover in my pitch or brief explanation, even though I had already considered them. It feels ridiculous to have to convince someone that I have indeed thought about those things. This concept requires a book to fully explain and delve into its functional and philosophical depths. I'm not looking for someone who wants a pitch; I need someone willing to spend an evening, a day, a week, or even a month with me, listening, talking, and working out the possibilities and how to construct and develop this idea. I want to find out if they want to be a part of it. This concept is, to a large extent, about philosophy. On the other hand, I could argue that maybe it's okay. Perhaps I don't need someone to talk to; I just need to make it happen myself. That's the path I'm currently on. That's what I'm trying to do. I'm striving to make Paco Sako a profitable business, potentially generating enough money to invest in LOCBOB and build it myself. I believe I can think deeply enough to create a plan to execute the concept and establish the business. I will play this game like a true Paco Sako player, playing for peace. It's like a game of chess for peace to make this vision a reality. So maybe I don't need someone to become a partner in this venture, or perhaps I could have several smaller investors at some point or work with stocks, and so on. Written on the 13th of March 2023.

The synergy

When looking at LOCBOB we could say it's a philosophy and system combined. You could say it's a way of living. One that would be very suitable to human live and their instinct to survive. A logic path to take in my oppinion. 

Trying to grasp humans true and real talent for surviving "the talent for creation" and making it confluent in the ulitimate way with an other human undeniable skill to survice, "caring". (for who will you care?)

I don't believe in the amounth of disturbance, conflict, pain and suffering humans undergo. I don't believe in the amounth of disbalance in the world and the way even some world leaders go about their business. I find it unbelievably counter productive and it goes against all the logic of reasoning. Truely this human world is only build on creation and moments of caring. 

So LOCBOB focussus on the following aspects of human kind and live. The talent to create, the need to care, human energy and the flow of this, creating opportunity, modern technoligy, gamification, individue and wholistic being. And within this mingle of elements LOCBOB wants to be making it work well, resulting in better life.