About me


My name is Felix Christiaan Albers and I was born in 1979 in The Hague, The Netherlands. My journey towards becoming an artist was influenced by various life experiences from my younger years. During my teenage years, I began pondering on the purpose of life and the reasons behind the way the world was structured. This led me to develop a keen interest in philosophy. In addition to this, I discovered my talent for drawing and handicrafts, as well as my aptitude for mathematics, creativity, and logical problem-solving. Although my dyslexia led me down an alternative educational path, it ultimately contributed to my development as an artist. I combined my passion for philosophy, creative and logical thinking, and artistic talent to determine my path and achieve my goals in life. This journey is best summed up by my life's motto:

"Creating a more beautiful, colorful and peaceful world as if life depends on it"

It was also this time, between my 16th and 19th that I deeply tried tounderstand and wondered about life. I tried to figure out why conflict, pain, and struggle were such a large part of life. Not only in my personal life(which will be expressed through my art) but also in society and the world.The war in the former Yugoslavia and Iraq played at the time and my father wasslightly obsessed with the World Wars watching documentaries and reading books.He expressed this also to me by wondering "How two groups of people couldstand opposite of each other in such a destructive way." Sometimesfamilies split and fight on either side.

My intense search in these years led to the decision at the age of 19that I would use my creative talent and power to create and shape thingsdifferently, believing that if only we humans would truly engage with the dreamof a more peaceful, beautiful and colorful world we would be able to create it.Inspiring and encouraging humans and creating a bond with the vision andphilosophy of working and creating towards this world in a passionate, deeperconnected, and determent way. I believe in the strength of creation and thepower of humans to utilize this extreme talent to use it in such a way wereduce the conflict in this world.

During my childhood, I didn't display a particular talent for drawing orpainting. I lived with my parents and sister in a modest flat, and my artisticjourney unfolded gradually. It wasn't until I was around 15 years old that Ibegan to draw intensely, at a time when I was already recognized for myaptitude in crafts. However, it was only then that I truly connected with mycreative mind and started to explore the depths of my creativity.

Around my 15th I started to draw Indian ink drawings. For hours I wouldfocus on these small drawings making little mistakes. On my headphoneslistening mostly to Lenny Kravitz, Dire Straits and Queen until late at night.A perfect escape and peaceful occupation. I truly love that time being absorbedin the moment of creation.